Dr. Agnes Ip is passionate about helping to improve the lives of families and communities. She gives various consultations for individuals, churches, businesses, non-profit organizations, etc. She has also spoken on various radio and television shows. For copies of her talks and other multimedia products, visit the Presence Quotient website here. Below you will also find a list of her past speaking topics. If you would like to get-in-touch with Agnes for a consultation or a speaking engagement, please contact her via email at [email protected].


$300/hr           Non-profit Online Consultation

$400/hr           Business Online Consultation

Speaking Topics

Parenting Workshops (P)
Pre-parenting Training Course
  1. The four basic principles every Christian parent needs for training up their child
  2. Understanding the iGeneration
  3. Helping Your Teenager Not Lose Their Faith in College/University
  4. Online Gaming Addiction: Exploring the Truth about Video Games – Educational, Recreational or Detrimental?
  5. Two-generation communication / Bridging the Two Generations – Family
  6. How to improve children’s learning interests and abilities: 8 areas of intelligence and learning styles
  7. Essential Concepts of Wise Parenting
  8. Enhancing children’s self-esteem
  9. Motivating children to work effectively
  10. Teaching children about sex
  11. Getting children to listen without yelling or hitting
  12. Psychological and Emotional Needs of Adolescents
  13. Dealing with Rebellious Teens / How to Communicate with Rebellious Youth
  14. How to Talk to Teens About Sex, Emotions and Other Issues
  15. How to Handle Your Children’s Stress
  16. How to Handle Your Children’s anger
  17. Age 0-5 Parenting Skills
  18. Raising Chinese Kids in an American Culture
  19. Enhancing children’s MQ
  20. Enhancing children’s AQ
  21. How to Help Children Maintain a Healthy Emotional Life: Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
  1. 基督徒父母為孩子奠定的四大教育基礎
  2. 認識 “i ” 世代 /了解今天的校園文化
  3. 如何預備你的青少年上大學後仍然持守他的信仰
  4. 網絡成癮的原因與治療
  5. 兩代之間親子溝通
  6. 如何提高孩子的學習興趣與能力/ 八大多元智能和孩子學習風格
  7. 健康家庭須有的基本心理概念
  8. 如何提高孩子的自尊心
  9. 如何培養孩子愛做事
  10. 與孩子談性
  11. 不打不罵使孩子聽話/ 培養有志氣又聽話孩子的六大要訣
  12. 認識青少年的心理需要
  13. 與叛逆的青少年相處
  14. 如何與青少年談性和情感問題
  15. 如何處理孩子的壓力
  16. 如何處理孩子的憤怒
  17. 0-5歲育兒技巧
  18. 在美國文化培育中國孩子
  19. 如何提高孩子的MQ
  20. 如何提高孩子的 AQ
  21. 如何幫助孩子保持情緒健康:處理抑鬱和焦慮
Life Stages and Transitions workshops (L)
  1. Living Creatively in the Golden Age
  2. Growing out of the Stagnant Life
  3. How to Live a Life of Contentment / Living the Abundant Life (for singles and mature adults)
  4. Practical Advice for Christian Dating
  5. Spiritual Life in Financial Tsunami
  6. From courtship to marriage
人生階段講座 (L)
  1.  創意黃金歲月——由中年走進老年
  2.  生命的成就與停滯
  3.  做個滿足快樂人 (給單身和成熟成年人)
  4.  實用的基督徒約會觀
  5.  金融海嘯中的靈性生活
  6.  戀愛到婚姻
Interpersonal Relationships and Leadership (I)
  1. Skills for Comforting People
  2. Unraveling the Knot: Love-Hate Relationships
  3. Understanding Emotions and Effective Listening Skills
  4. Breaking Out of The Clique Mentality/ (Small Group Mentalities)
  5. Male and Female Relationship & Separation
  6. Understanding Differences & Resolving Conflicts
  7. Interpersonal Relationship & Peer Counseling
  8. Prevent Sexual Harassment in Church (Pastors Training)
  9. Personal Bias, Faith, and Interpersonal dynamics (Sunday school 8-12 classes)
人際關係及領導 (I)
  1. 安慰人的技巧
  2. 如何處理好愛與恨的關係
  3. 了解情緒及有效傾聽的技巧
  4. 同聲同氣——小圈子背後的成因和解決 / 群體與偏見
  5. 男女關係與分手處理
  6. 了解人與人之間的差異及衝突處理
  7. ​人際關係及朋輩輔導
  8. 教牧訓練:如何防範和面對教會發生性騷擾事件
  9. 個人偏見,信仰,和人際關係動力學(主日學8-12班)
Couples workshops (C)
  1. Conflict-Resolution
  2. 16 Personalities in Couple Relationships
  3. Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women
  4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Couples
  5. The Development of Intimate Relationships
  6. Defense of Marriage
  7. Improving the Marriage Relationship
  8. How to Handle Hard Times
  9. Marriage Camp – Becoming Spiritual Soul Mates in Marriage
夫婦講座 (C)
  1. 夫婦衝突處理
  2. 16種性格分析與夫婦相處之道
  3. 男女有別與溝通
  4. 認知行為療法與夫婦關係
  5. 親密關係的發展
  6. 婚姻保衛戰
  7. 改善婚姻關係
  8. 如何處理困難時期
  9. 婚姻訓練營 – 在婚姻中成為靈魂伴侶
Mental Health workshops (M)
  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Mild Depression and Anxiety (Self-Help Training)
  2. Understanding Depression: Causes and Treatments
  3. Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Causes and Treatments
  4. Helping Family Members Struggling with Personality Disorders
  5. Mental Health Issues in Youth
  6. Coping with Stress
情緒健康講座 (M)
  1. 認知行為療法–給輕度抑鬱和焦慮者的自助訓練
  2. 認識憂鬱症和治療方法
  3. 認識燥鬱性和治療
  4. 認識人格障礙與家人相處之道
  5. 青少年的心理健康
  6. 壓力應對
Self-Growth Training Program (Day Camp) (G)
  1. Self-Growth for Caring Ministry Workers
  2. Seven Seasons of Manhood (for couples)
活現自我成長課程 (日營) (G)
  1. 給關懷事工者的自我成長訓練: 生命成長歷史. 依附的模式. 人際互動界線
  2. 男人的七個成長季節 (給夫婦的訓練)
For Youth Only (Y) – English
  1. Skills for Comforting People: Understanding Emotions and Effective Listening Skills
  2. Unraveling the Knot: Love-Hate Relationships
  3. Breaking Out of The Clique Mentality
  4. Practical Advice for Christian Dating
  5. Boundaries in Dating
  6. How to Handle Break-Ups
  7. Understanding The Differences Between Genders
  8. Conflict Resolution
  9. Peer Counseling
  10. Coping with Stress
  11. Maintaining a Healthy Emotional Life: Dealing with Depression and Anxiety


Advantages and Risk Factors of Asian American Families (Article in Presence Family Magazine May 2012 Issue 4)

Cultural Differences and Interpersonal Dynamics between Two Generations in Chinese American Churches (Article in Presence Annual Newsletter 2012)


Chinese Parent-Child Assertive Communication Training Program

Essential Concepts of Wise Parenting (Pamphlet)

Presence Youth Leadership Training Curriculum 2003-2007

Presence Youth Leadership Training: One-Day Empathy Communication Curriculum


Cognitive Behavior Therapy – Self Help Training  for People Who Struggle with Depression & Anxiety ( Cantonese, Mandarin, 4 MP3)

Essential Concepts of Wise Parenting (Cantonese, MP3)

Parenting Talks (Cantonese, 7 MP3)

  1. Helping Kids Build Up Self-Esteem
  2. Helping Kids Solve Problems
  3. Danger Signals in Kids’ Behavior
  4. Helping Kids Cope with Disaster
  5. How to Talk to Kids about Sex
  6. Moral Intelligence
  7. Understanding Different Learning Styles

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